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Animal welfare group boosts its nationwide visibility with Google Grants Pro

26% du trafic web

+800000 membres

Christiane Kook

Fundraising Officer, Deutsche Tierschutzbund
"To win new partners, supporters and donors, we have to be visible – and Google Grants Pro helps us be just that."
Founded in 1881, the German Animal Welfare Federation has offices in Bonn and the capital Berlin, as well as an academy for animal welfare in Munich. It also operates an animal, nature and youth centre in Weidefeld, Schleswig-Holstein. Today it is affiliated with 16 regional associations and more than 750 local animal welfare societies, with over 500 animal shelters and more than 800,000 members across Germany. All of which makes the German Animal Welfare Federation Europe’s largest umbrella organisation dedicated to protecting animals and nature. The organisation works across a wide range of areas. “We deal with domestic pets, livestock, wild animals and circus animals, and also campaign against animal testing and on behalf of other key issues,” explains Head of Public Relations, Marius Tünte. “Additionally, we seek out dialogue with lawmakers, animal keepers and laboratories which use animal testing.” The non-profit has used Google Grants and Grants Pro for a few years now, enjoying the benefits of free advertising. “To win new partners, supporters and donors, we have to be visible – and Google Grants Pro helps us be just that,” explains Christiane Kook, Fundraising Officer. “In January 2016, for example, 26% of our web traffic found us via Google Grants Pro – and we can see that more and more donors are coming to us online.” The dynamism of Google tools is also a major benefit for the organisation. For example, in one instance of puppy trafficking, they were able to use Google Pro to rapidly reach out to donors and supporters to get behind the relevant shelters. The non-profit is looking forward to continuing its collaboration with Google in future – but also has one additional request for them: “World Animal Day takes place in October, and we’d love it if Google would create a Doodle for the occasion,” concludes Tünte.

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