Castra Asciburgium

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An association dedicated to preserving Roman traditions expands rapidly

80% du trafic web

Christiane Kook

Fundraising Officer, Deutsche Tierschutzbund
"To win new partners, supporters and donors, we have to be visible – and Google Grants Pro helps us be just that."
Named after a Roman military settlement, the club has set out to keep alive the art, culture and craftsmanship of the Romans, who lived in the Lower Rhine region from 13 B.C. until the fourth century. The club is active in Moers, but also further afield. In order to spread the word as efficiently as possible, the association uses Google products and is a Google Grants partner. “Since we joined the Google Grants programme and have been using AdWords, the association has grown massively,” explains Chairman Thomas Maas. “We have been able to significantly increase our income from donations and attract plenty of new members.” More than 80% of visitors find their way to the association’s website via AdWords, which represents an important new channel when it comes to awakening people’s interest in the preservation of these traditions. “Thanks to the Google Grants programme, we are now able to spread our message all over the world.”

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